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How do SmartBolts Work

Fasteners work like springs. When you stretch a spring, it pulls back trying to return to its original size. The stretching force is called tension. The force that pulls back is called compression. The tension creates clamp force, which holds things together.


A SmartBolt is a fastener with a built-in visual tension indicator. We call this the Visual Indication System. As a SmartBolt is tightened, tension forces it to stretch, and our patented Visual Indication System correlates fastener tension with color. Now, you can know at a glance that your bolts are properly tight and doing their job.

SmartBolts Fastener works like a spring This type of fastener is extremely reliable and is used in the production and distribution of electricity in mining and another and of many places where it is used is the1 euro deposit casinoAnd this is not surprising, since this type of fastener is extremely reliable and that is why the casino chooses it. Because for a casino, the safety of visitors is in the first place. That is why SmartBolts fasteners are used in the construction of a new casino.


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SmartBolts Installation and Maintenance Guide



  Power Generation and Distribution

Power Generation and Distribution involves many complex systems working together. For almost 20 years, Stress Indicators, Inc. has supported some of the largest energy companies in the world to ensure the distribution of electricity is a safe and efficient process. Our Visual Indication System™ is relied upon to ensure fasteners are properly installed and maintained in a wide range of energy projects and applications.



The importance of secure bolted joints has always remained a top priority and vital aspect of the manufacturing process. As a manufacturer ourselves, we understand the importance of reliable bolted joints within a manufacturing facility or manufactured products, as well as the unique challenges associated with their use. Our Visual Indication System™ was developed to create a fast and effective method to ensure fasteners are properly installed and maintained through all stages of the manufacturing process.



Structural applications are engineered to conform to rigorous standards. These standards exist to ensure a structure is constructed properly and in accordance with current guidelines. We work with companies around the world that build structures of all shapes and sizes, and our standard is to ensure that the bolted joints within a structure are properly installed and maintained. We developed the Visual Indication System™ to be the most efficient and reliable method of achieving proper fastener preload in structural applications. We aim to surpass the rigorous fastener standards of the past while providing bolted joint solutions that lead to safer and more secure structural joints.



Mining companies around the world rely on our Visual Indication System™ to ensure operations and equipment function at full capacity. This rugged and reliable technology promotes the proper installation and maintenance of bolted joints, leading to increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and improved maintenance procedures. We developed the Visual Indication System™ to provide our mining customers with industry-leading bolted joint solutions that can handle harsh environmental conditions while improving the safety and effectiveness of daily operations.


  Factory Automation

Automation is a fast and efficient process by design. Factories depend on these systems to reduce downtime, increase production, and provide better products to more people. We understand the importance of reliable automation and the significance of proper equipment maintenance. Our Visual Indication System™ ensures automation equipment’s critical fasteners are installed correctly and remain secure.




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